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 February 27

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Why is it important to have a Morning Routine?

Due to daily distractions and stressors in our lives, such as the recent pandemic, social media, screen devices and overwhelming workload, we are set to autopilot throughout our day just to get by.

I can’t help but ask if we allow distractions to dictate and set the tone to our day and existence, are we truly living an optimal life?

For this reason, learning how to start your healthy morning routine is crucial. In doing so, the first step you take in your day is taking control of it, therefore assisting in managing the obstacles around you and giving you a sense of productivity and direction!

Below are some tips for you to set your morning routine for an optimal day!

10 Steps you must include in a healthy morning routine

1.Wake up at the Same Time

Morning wake up

Waking up and going to bed at the same time is important to continue the natural circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythm is our natural internal process that regulates our daily wake and sleep cycle.

Better known as the sympathetic nervous system, waking up with ample time prevents us from rushing and reacting in survivor mode.

Allow yourself to wake up feeling rested and level-headed to fulfill your morning routine and give yourself a composure feeling to start your day off right.

Use a calming alarm to wake you up

Loud, jarring alarms increase your heart rate, blood pressure and stress levels. To start your morning routine, try a gentle tone that begins with a low volume that steadily gets louder.

This will create an air of reposefulness when waking, which aids in remaining in your parasympathetic nervous system, your “rest and digest.” It may also be more enjoyable for you. Avoid snoozing as much as you can.

Sleeping in complete darkness is crucial for good sleep

If you live in the city, using blackout curtains or blinds can assist you with a better quality of sleep.

Waking up early as the sun rises is the most natural way for all living beings to wake up.

If you can not have your windows exposed, due to city lights at night and must have your curtains drawn, trying to invest in a sunrise light alarm can be of great benefit too.

For instance, there are sunrise lamps that allow you to wake up with the sensation of waking up with the sun, an excellent and more natural way to get out of bed.

Honour the time to wake and get your day started!

2. Take Deep Belly Breaths & Express Gratitude

Upon waking up, take a moment and connect to your breathing. Take deep belly breaths to keep your energy calm. You can also try placing your right palm on your heart and your left palm on your belly. Connect to the miracle of life that you are!

Express gratitude. You woke up to another miraculous day! That is a blessing in itself.

Take a moment to express internally or out loud 3 to 5 reasons you are grateful today. The benefits of gratitude are infinite! Gratitude helps you feel positive emotions, be more aware and enjoy good experiences and improves your overall health.

You may find yourself feeling capable of dealing with adversity, and you may build upon strengthening your relationships. I find the more I’m grateful for the more I perpetuate to be grateful for!

Essentially, gratitude offers you greater happiness.

3. Drink water, Release Waste & Wash up

Morning routine

As we sleep, our body systems are working away to set us up for the next day. Our digestion system alone is in full effect as it assimilates and digests, removing toxins. The best way to assist your body with this is to drink water as soon as you wake up.

Try to drink 1 glass of water before you go to the washroom.

It’s crucial to remove waste daily, especially upon waking up. Drinking more water may also help with any irregular issues you may have.

Once you remove your waste you can start your cleansing! Brush your teeth, tongue scrape and wash up. Feeling clean is a great way to feel rejuvenated and fresh!

4. Make your Bed!

Something as simple as making your bed as part of a healthy morning routine allows you to start your day feeling accomplished. It also encourages the feeling of motivation to tackle other tasks that may need your attention.

Smooth out all the wrinkles, tuck in the corners and start your new day!

A made bed can also deter you from wanting to crawl back into it.

5. Go for a Walk

Morning routine walk

Get outside and go for a walk for at least 20 minutes. Connecting with all the elements and nature is a soothing way to start the motion of your day.

I like to get outside and observe all of nature’s beauty. As my feet connect to the earth, the sun touches my skin, the air gently circulating around and through me, the water so cleansing and pure and the infinite space around me, I express my gratitude to Mother Earth.

This is my daily gratitude:

Thank you divine loving powerful generous Mother Earth Gaia for your abundant nutrient-dense fertile soil which provides us all with food and shelter. Thank you for your sacred waters which provide us all with clean drinking water which keeps us hydrated. Thank you for your natural clean atmosphere which provides us with clean fresh air to breathe. Thank you for your fire which provides us warmth. Thank you for the ethers which give us expansive space.

Anahata’s Daily Gratitude

Walking out in nature in the morning can reduce anxiety and also stimulate creativity.

6. Movement is Essential

Creating a fitness regime in addition to your morning walk provides a plethora of health benefits for your mind and body.

Some of these benefits include increased alertness and focus throughout your day, decreasing distractions. It supports weight loss, sculpting and strengthening your body in addition to increased removal of toxins through your lymphatic system as you sweat.

Exercise improves mental alertness and improves moods. It creates healthy fatigue and stress which will assist you with improved sleep.

7. Yoga, Meditation and Setting Intentions

Ensure you stretch your body before and after a workout. Stretching allows you to recover all the muscle you targeted for the day.

Having a consistent yoga practice improves your strength and lubricates your joints; balance postures that provide focus, energy and flexibility along with being a great additional mood enhancer.

Allow yourself a moment to sit in silence after your practice. Take deep breaths or practice Pranayamas (therapeutic breath techniques). Set your intentions for your day.

This will allow you to reset your heart rate and offer mental clarity.

8.Take a cold shower

After you move your body to healthy exhaustion and stretch your limbs, take a cold shower. Not only does a cold shower increase alertness, but it also increases circulation, reduces muscle soreness, and assists in boosting your immune system.

To begin it may help to start with warm water and switch to cold mid-way. Add more time with cold water with each shower. You will be surprised how resilient and adaptable your body is for cold showers. In no time you will feel comfortable taking only cold showers and enjoy feeling the full benefits of them.

9. Treat yourself to a warm beverage, Journal and Feed Your Mind

Make yourself a warm beverage. A warm herbal tea, coffee, a mushroom drink or warm water are great examples of this.

Now you are at the point of your healthy morning routine to feed your mind.

Journal your reflections and connect to your feelings. Journaling allows you to reflect within without any distractions. It also helps reduce stress and anxiety. It also improves penmanship which is an almost lost art.

You can also feed your mind by reading a book or listening to an educational podcast of interest.

10. Create a Nutrient-Dense Meal

Gather all your nutrient-dense ingredients and make yourself a meal you will enjoy.

There is a deep connection to making your food opposed to ordering out.

Ensure you have a good source of clean, lean protein and good healthy fats. This will allow you to feel satiated for a longer period and reduce snacking before your next meal.

Sit and eat. Turn everything off. Allow all of your senses to connect to your meal. Let your eyes take in the colours of your ingredients. Let your nose smell the aromas. Feel your taste buds stimulated with the flavours. Feel the textures of the ingredients as you take your time to eat.

Start your Service

By now you feel energized, calm, creative and ready to conquer the world!

You may notice that you check your cell phone at this point, and you may not find yourself with the desire to scroll for long periods of time. You’re not as distracted.

Once you fire up your laptop or home/work computer, you may feel focused, you may feel more in control of your day. Perhaps you feel more connected to your service /work and feel purposeful.

End of Day

You had a harmonious healthy morning routine. Most likely, you had a productive day. However, you are not feeling exhausted or burned out. This is a good time to plan for the following day.

In doing so, take a moment to reflect on your successes and celebrate them!

Reflect on your challenges if you had any, and see the opportunities to come.

Try not to take screens to bed with you. Reduce your screen time to 2-3 hours before bedtime. You will sleep better as well as reduce your exposure to blue light.

Get into your made bed and sleep soundly

Closer to nightfall, you may experience feeling tired due to your morning routine and a productive day. This is a good time to get washed up and head to bed.

By now, you may get to sleep quicker and have a more restful uninterrupted sleep; however, sometimes we are faced with challenges that may keep us up at night, so try deep breaths, calming apps, or calming nature sounds on your device or home-speaker.

Sleep soundly.

We can certainly go over our evening routine next blog to come!

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